When you come to our Leeds studio, we want every one of our dancers to feel like the star of the show, no matter how small! That's why our world-class lessons are available to superstars as young as 18 months old, so if your little one is aged between 18 months and 2 years old, and is just as dance obsessed as us, our Tiptoe Tots class is perfect. This class is exclusively for only our littlest dancers! and integrates the fun of dancing and play with very basic ballet movements, all with the support of their grown ups by their side to cheer them on.


However, if your tot is a dancing wizz and aged between 2 and 4 years old, our Little Tiptoes class is a no-brainer. In this class, lessons are developed so that our pupils learn classical ballet movements through storytelling, and use imagination to help your little one develop key dancing skills in an exciting and innovative way. We also offer classes for children aged 4 and over at our sister school Headingley Ballet School, so when your little one is ready to fly the nest, they can still continue to develop their ballet skills through our Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus in a nurturing environment surrounded by peers of their own age.


What Are the Benefits of Dance in Early Childhood?


Not only is dance excellent fun, but also helps children develop crucial skills! Dance and performing arts have been proven to be extremely beneficial to your child’s emotional and physical development. 


Some examples are:

  • Dance helps cultivate communication skills - listening and social skills are developed as children learn to communicate and cooperate with their peers through music and dance

  • Dance helps foster motor function & physical development - balance, coordination and control in young children are all improved by dance.

  • Allows self-expression - by engaging in dance in particular, young children are able to express their feelings in a healthy way

  • Develops creativity and imagination - dance encourages children to think imaginatively, and also provides them with opportunities to discover other artistic means of expression.


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